Education Can’t Wait

By Tau Munotsiwa.

Marriage Can wait, but Education cannot – Khaled Hosseini

There is nothing as painful and frustrating as the hard reality that a young matriculant has to face, with brilliant results in hand and yet the prohibitive fees that have to be paid for you to have access to tertiary education pose a huge stumbling block that you can never imagine yourself getting over. Slowly, and without any other source of funding, more especially if you come from the not so well to do families that constitute the majority of where most of the students in tertiary colleges and varsities come from, you see each and every dream that you have had fade away and gradually drift out of reach. There is stiff competition for the sparsely available sources of funding and the other ones stipulate that you need to have been registered first before you can apply. But how dos one register what they are starting from zero?

That’s the plight that many of us has had to face despite having so desired to make something out of our lives, education was the only way we knew we could fight poverty, the only way that you can reward your parents for all their hard work to put you though primary and High School and emancipate yourself, but their sweat and toil can only go so far and paying for your tertiary education is not as far as they can go.

Even if you obtain a place to study, the money needed for registration at time is discouraging. Confronted with impending doom in so far as your academic prospects are concerned, you never appreciate how much a simple act of kindness will go a long way in shaping the person that you become. I registered for my first degree, not knowing if I would even afford food at Varsity for that matter. Try as I did to keep going I couldn’t see myself getting beyond the first semester. I hadn’t paid the fees for the first semester in full, not even halfway, and I couldn’t see myself being able to raise anything for the second semester. I just derived Joy in the fact that at least I had been to university for one semester and I will just try to enjoy it, make the most of it, for it would probably be the last semester I would ever have at varsity. With that mindset, I performed extremely well coming top of the entire stream in the Bachelor of Social Science Class for that year.

Unbeknownst, my results for what I had deemed my only and last semester at varsity had fallen in benevolent hands. Consideration was made by the individual to fund my studies on a yearly basis depending on how I continued to preform, the rest as they say is now archived. To say I was elated is an understatement, everything else didn’t matter. What three months earlier had appeared a hopeless situation turned into immeasurable joy. It’s such a simple act of individual kindness but it went a long way in uplifting what would have otherwise been another statistic, another hopeless student.

There is nothing as empowering as an education, an education that gives someone an opportunity at changing the world. When I look back over time, I realise that had it not been for someone that decided to go out of their and grant such an opportunity that would have been the death of dream, but today I stand tall, representative of those many unfulfilled dreams nipped in the bud because a lot of people out there cannot not have access to tertiary education.

A simple opportunity can change a lifetime and as they say: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

By Tau Munotsiwa

Tau Munotsiwa is a bookworm with a well defined resting sickness. Attorney by profession, he works at Law For All as a Claims Manager. He is an active thinker and his dictionary doesn’t have the two words “difficult” and “impossible”. Tau has obtained  a B.Soc.Sc Industrial Psychology, L.LB and an L.LM.


Fees For AllEducation Can’t Wait

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